About Us

Welcome to Leftees – your go-to destination for subtly progressive products that pack a punch. Founded with a passion for both design and social change, we're on a mission to sprinkle a little bit of left-wing flair into your everyday life. Each of our products is carefully crafted by us, with love and a healthy dose of rebellious spirit.

As a fledgling endeavor, we're still finding our footing, so we greatly appreciate your patience and support as we grow. For us, creating these designs is more than just a business venture – it's a cathartic journey of self-expression and advocacy for the causes we believe in.

In our commitment to sustainability and reducing waste, we print each product custom for every order. While this means that unfortunately, returns aren't possible at the moment, we're working tirelessly to explore options that may allow for flexibility in the future, especially for certain designs.

With the launch of our website, we're thrilled to finally share our vision with the world. Join us on this exciting journey and stay connected through our social media channels @LefteesShop. Together, let's make a statement, one tee at a time.

Hoping to serve you with some progressive wear for our dystopian world,

Andy (Leftees)